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Rich Gypc Couture

Ceramide Barrier Serum

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A new HORIZON for all-in-one healthier skin & youthful barrier function. Replenish your boundless glow with noticeably hydrated, soothed, supple skin.
5-Ceramide Complex, Phytosterols, Lipids and Clinical Botanic Hydrators are essential for your best skin every sunrise and sunset.

 HELPS WITH: → Skin Barrier → Suppleness → Fine lines & wrinkles → Hydration → Irritation Strengthens Barrier · Deeply Hydrates · Restores · Softens · Comforts 5 Ceramide Complex strengthens skin barrier + restores youthful skin function. Acai Phytosterols fight against environmental damage + inflammation Blue Lotus Extract powerfully rejuvenates + softens + plumps Rice Lipids retains long-lasting moisture + support skin elasticity Mushroom Beta Glucan reparative antioxidant + boosts collagen production + suppleness Kelp Probiotic potent a quickly balances skin pH + microbiome

Made in USA